Eris Needs Women!!

and men. And kids, too. And anyone else.

Fifth Trinity Church o' Eris
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See, I wanna start a Discordian church. (Stop giggling; I mean for real.) I've got what I think are the necessary forms (incorporation forms for California, form 1023 for 501(c)3 status from the IRS with schedule A for churches), and stuff like bylaws and a constitution, and I can scrounge up the necessary cash (umm, looks like under $200, and might even be as low as $75), but I need more membership than we've got. Or at least, I'd like more official membership than I'm currently certain of, which is about 5. (A fine number, but a bit underwhelming for reporting to the IRS. 523 would be much better.) I want to get us legal, so we can ordain ministers and counsel the bereft and perform marriages and grant religious sanctuary to people being persecuted for their beliefs. And accept potential draftees into our ministerial program, so they won't get drafted and have all that terrific Discordian Spirituality gone to waste in the desert lands of on the plains of Meggido.

I had a much longer info-bit written, but then LJ ate it with an error message.

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Help wanted; apply within. Or apply without, but it's unlikely you'll get the job in that case. The hours are long, the pay is nonexistent, the benefits are dubious, but at least the food sucks.