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Logically, are gods bound by truth?

So I was wandering around the Recovery From Mormonism board (yeah, I'm a happy apostate), and one of the discussions got me thinking pretty deeply.  One of the tenets of the religion is that (throwing out the whole Christ and grace thing,) so long as one follows the commandments of God, he's bound to ensure that person's salvation.  This is found somewhere in Matthew, I think, but that's not really important. 

The part I found interesting was the derision people were showering on the concept of a god being bound in any way, as though, just by a god being a god, he didn't have to follow rules.  Wouldn't honesty and integrity to one's word be one of the most important characteristics of being a god?  Without the power of truth behind one's words, where is the power of a god?  One cannot be arbitrary or untrue of purpose in one's magick unless one expects that magick to go awry or fail completely; how much more so would that principle apply to divinity? 

Anyway, this whole concept is still rattling around in my skull half-formed, and I wondered what other people thought. 

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Oh, and by the way: Hi there!  I'm new.  ::grins:: 
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Yes, I was that curious.
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