The Elf ½ (elfwreck) wrote in fifthtrinity,
The Elf ½

Gettin' the Band Back Together

Update Notes: (1) [community profile] fifthtrinity at Dreamwidth now exists; I've ported the entries here over to there, and I'll be updating there, not here, in the future.

(2) I'm restarting the process of getting legal recognition for Fifth Trinity Church. Have decided to do this the hard way - with a legal incorporation - instead of the minimal way, which is "when you declare you have a chuch, *poof* you have a church, until someone challenges your tax status and then you might have to play paperwork games." I'm getting the paperwork games out of the way up front.

(3) Eventually, I'll have (I had it, and then realized I had bought very much the wrong package; got refund, am waiting for the name to be released, which takes a few days.) If the name somehow gets snapped up in the meantime, I'm considering forking out the extra bucks for (org, com, & net are "free with hosting; biz and co are often the same; the cheapest hosting I could find for .church is $20/year, and most places want $35-$40. Apparently either churches are assumed to be made of money or willing to throw in extra dollars for a domain extension.) If .org isn't free soon, I'll most likely set up .com this week and sort out other options later. Webdev assistant people welcome; while I can manage a basic website on my own, help tracking down usable images and babbling structure would be nice.

(4) Have two of the three required founding officers: President (that's me) and Secretary (that's [personal profile] pj Have a few other board members: avatar_jones (yeah, I know his journal hasn't been updated in years; he's plenty active IRL) and Joi, who doesn't do LJ/DW. Desperately need a treasurer. (This is not a "volunteer and you'll get it" position. Person needs to be reliable with money, compatible with the rest of the team, and probably local to the SF Bay Area.)

(5) I have many new fun projects planned! A handbook of How To Discordian with holy daze celebrations and priestly ordination training! Member cards suitable for proving your Holy Name is indeed a "real name" and that you should get the clergy discount! Shiny new logo, stolen modified from the original Principia! Weekly pilgrimages to hot dog stands! Prison outreach program! Youth outreach program! Donation request letters to send to politicians! Portable Discordian temples! Online courses with Certificates! WE ARE GOING TO RECLAIM OUR RIGHTFUL PLACE AS CREATORS OF WACKY MEMES THAT MAKE PEOPLE'S HEADS HURT.

Join me. Join the fun. Join our church.
Let you/Eris become the slash pairing at the center of your fannish life.
Tags: church, discordian, legal, lists
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